is now closed. If you want to see the blog it is now located to This will now just be a web portail to lead you to my other websites. Maybe someday it will open up again as another site but for now I don't have the time or a good enough idea to start something new.

If you were once a link exchange I will be sending you an email soon to change the address (or I will post on your blog if I can't find an email). I have all my link exchanges placed on the new site. I will, however, understand if you no longer want to link exchange. Just please tell me if you don't. Thanks! (ongaku.a[at]gmail[dot]com)

Please enjoy my other sites in place of this one by clicking on one of the color boxes above. Once you hover over them the title will appear. was fun while it lasted! Thanks for sticking with me for so long! Don't be a stranger.

Ongaku aka Ashley